#4 on 19.06.2021 Jacques Dutronc- Les cactus

source: discogs.com

I recently saw a movie on Netflix, a lightweight comedy, but the French soundtrack was incroyable! I wanted to get my beret (the hat, not the gun, of course), take a croissant, grab my Chanel and stop by the Bouquinistes. Then I remembered I don’t live in Paris, I don’t own a Chanel, and I am so vegan, so no more croissants for me, either. Are you dairy-free, also? Pas de problème, just grab a baguette like I do!

Of course, what I said above are just clichés we see in the movies or on Instagram! I noticed that French people don’t really overeat croissants (the ladies are all so thin), don’t really fancy the Chanel bags, or wear berets. The bread is serious stuff, though!

Coming back to the soundtrack, I instantly recognized Jacques Dutronc- Les Cactus! I “met” him through the Last Shadow Puppets version from 2016 (the super group formed by Alex Turner, the front singer of Arctic Monkeys)!

Check it out and let me know which one you like best?

Look at all the cool stuff from the past and to think that coolness and originality are invented nowadays…what an arrogance....

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See also some photo albums of Jacques Dutronc, from the 60s!!

Françoise Hardy & Jacques Dutronc (source: Pinterest)

source: discogs@com

Françoise Hardy & Jacques Dutronc (source: Pinterest)