#2 on 10.05.2021 Happy Mother’s Day

Yesterday was Mother’s Day!

Also yesterday, Mother Earth decided to bless us with a bloom white bougainvillea. The white ones are pretentious, so the surprise was quite big.

I mean…look how cute it is...

I thought I lost it but, apparently, the key was to leave it alone and not water it (you may think it was negligence, but no-no-no). Who would have guessed that sometimes the best is to let things be! (You got it that I am not talking only about the plants, right? 😀)

However, others don’t seem to get it, and they just keep on going with their monkey business, like this guy over here...

Anyways, it was a good day... full of son and sun and love......

(La Baie Orientale, Saint Martin)

Well, it also rained a bit….

But, then even more sun….

And fun….

(La Baie Orientale, Saint Martin)

And the promise of a good meal…

Life as I know it!

How was your day?